Jean Claude is delighted to welcome you back.

We are now open for indoor & outdoor lunch, brunch, dinner, as well as takeout and delivery. Bon Appétit!

Elegant yet unassuming, Jean Claude II is a welcome change from the Parisian-style bôites that seem to cover Manhattan like poivre on steak. After proudly serving fine French cuisine to Soho patrons for over twenty years, Jean Claude II has brought its popular menu uptown, including such classics as moules frites and mesclun with goat cheese, as well as exceptional entrées de la mer like roasted codfish, whose bell pepper sauce is as vibrant and robust as the fish is flaky and delicate. As for décor, beige and brick walls are decorated with French prints and shelves are lined with bottles of Côtes du Rhone. Tables are occupied by a leisurely crowd of multilingual locals chatting with the wait staff en Français. In true Continental style, said staff will gladly leave you to linger over your tarte tatin and Muscat for as long as desired… which will almost certainly be a while.

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